By Bonnie Richardson Murphy
Illustrations by Shelley P. Richardson

A few of us remember our grandparents' farm.
Fewer of us grew up on a farm ourselves.
And even fewer still live on a farm today.
For most of our children, farm life is an educational
exhibit, a zoo, or a book.
A farmer is one of today's true heroes.

Read this delightful, rhyming story to your pre-school child or grandchild and they will want to hear it again and again! It's a story of farm animals who can't drive a tractor, but the farmer can. Little boys love tractors, and all children love animals. It will make a great gift for your family and friends, whether they live on the farm or in the city. This 32-page, full color hard back book is published by
Alabama Farmers Federation.


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Bonnie Richardson Murphy
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Natchitoches, LA 71457
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Shelley P. Richardson
5510 Hampton Heights Drive
Birmingham, AL 35209-3773
phone: (205)912-2019



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