"4th Of July" Collection

These Outlook Express stationery designs are free for download.
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Re-Sized for 2010

All these designs have been re-sized to work better
with the new wide screen monitors.
(updated 2-24-10)



A very special "Thank You" to my friend, James Rogers
for allowing me to use his music on my stationery designs.

These first 2 designs have large sound files, and may take a little longer to download.
Thank you for you patience...and I assure you...

They are WELL worth the wait!

"This Is America"

**This design (and the next one, as well) features (by permission)
the WONDERFUL music, written and sung by
James Rogers,
my very good friend, and my favorite entertainer.
You can find more of James' music, and also find his
entertainment schedule at his web site:**



"Let Freedom Ring"

***Thank you again, James!***



Living in a country without FREEDOM is a very sad thing.
This design is an effort to help us remember how wonderful and priceless Freedom is,
and to be thankful for all the efforts, lives and sacrifices that have been, and are STILL being
given, so that we in AMERICA can enjoy living





4th Of July

Old Fashioned 4th


This design is animated.


This design has an animated border image



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