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*James Rogers...my friend, favorite singer, songwriter, and entertainer does a super show!*
And I want to say a special 'thank you' to him, for using several of my animations on his web site..
..one on his 'opening' page, (the signature ani) and one on his '
product list' page (the ribbon with eagle),
and two, on his '
PerformanceSchedule' page
(the "Happy Being Me"and "Someday We'll Understand" animations).
Also.....thank you James for giving me the opportunity and
privilege of being the animator for two of your
children's books on CD,
and for allowing me to use your music, on some of my
stationery for email.

James is a favorite entertainer at Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN.


We're very excited about this new project and hope you will check it out.

Visit our "Friends of James Rogers" Fan Club Website!!
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My favorite Nail Salon

"So You Think Times Are Tough!"
By James "Butch" Robbins

An inspiring, true story, written by a 'real life' hero.
Butch is also a public speaker, and would be happy to speak for your group.

For all of your publishing or editing needs

Contact Sandy Robbins
Email: brauction@aol.com
Phone: 252-904-1590

*Becka's Poems*
My Daughter's Poetry Page)

Super GOOD Food!!
(My cousins' restaurant)

Can A Rooster Drive A Tractor?
delightful book for children,
written by Bonnie Murphy and illustrated by Shelley Richardson.

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