Free Name Tags
"From Me...To You"

If you are like often times, sign your emails from "Me".
I decided to share a few of those tags I've made, with you. Many of these are ANIMATED,
so they may take a little longer to download...thanks for waiting.
You'll find that most of them, match some of the stationery designs here on my site.
To download them, simply 'right click' on each one and choose:
"Save As" or "Save Picture As", browse to find your folder where you want to save
them and click "Save".

Some of these are prettier used on particular background colors.
I've tried to add that information as well.
Hope you enjoy.

This page has been updated to be more 'user friendly'.
You'll find all the tags that were on this page
have been divided into seperate sections.
I do hope you find it easier to browse now.



St. Patrick's Day Name Tags

New Collection Now Available

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written consent....then....only with proper credit to my site, and
a link back to here. Thank you.

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