Outlook Express Stationery

These designs express the varieties of color in music and moods.
hope you enjoy them.

If you like OLDIES.....you'll love most of these!

These designs have large sound files,
('BluestEyesInTexas', I made myself from a tape I purchased)
so they will take a little longer to download.....
...however, I believe they're worth the wait....
Thank you for your patience.


****New For 2006****

I guess everyone has a 'blue' day now and then, so maybe this one can express
those feelings while also adding a touch of nostalgia with one of my
(and I hope YOUR) 'favorite' pieces of music...
'Love Is Blue'



(more coming later)


'Pink Cadillac'

'Tan Shoes With Pink Shoelaces'

'White Sport Coat'

All the graphics in these next two designs are made from my own original photos,
except the "blonde girl" in yellow, which I found on the internet and merged
with my own photo of the sunset.
(I don't know the name of that artist).

'Bluest Eyes In Texas'


'Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain'
This design is animated and has a large sound file..


Thanks to my sweet cousin and friend, Myra Watkins,
for sending me this nice background color changing 'disco' script, by Eliot Chan.
You can find it at:

The 'rainbow text' effect can be found at:

Please....do not place any of my work on your web pages without
written consent....then....only with proper credit to my site, and
a link back to here. Thank you.

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