Fall Collection


Re-Sized for 2010!!

All these designs have been re-sized to work better with the new wide screen monitors.
(updated 8-3-10)


Some of these will have large sound files or image files, or both...
and will take a little while for loading.
Thanks you for your patience. I don't feel that you'll be disappointed

Check for a FREE 'Me' name tag to match some of these designs.



"Awesome Autumn"


"Golden Fall "


"Autumn Colors"


"Fall Is Falling"


"Leaf Collection"
(updated 11-11-06)


"Beautiful Autumn"


"Autumn Leaves"
This design features one of my FAVORITE pieces of music. I do hope you enjoy it, as well.
(updated 11-06-06)


"I Love Fall"


note:I had to redo the 'zip' file for this one..
There were some problems with it, but they have been corrected.
So sorry for any inconvenience.

If you have downloaded it, prior to
You will need to re-download it.


"Fun On A Stick"




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