Odds 'N' Ends Name Tags

All these tags are FREE for personal use...

Please....do not place any of my work on your web pages without
written consent....then....only with proper credit to my site, and
a link back to here. Thank you.


Use both of these above with my design, "Chapeau"
(Many Moods Of Me Collection)
The large one with color #ED0FE0....and the small one with color #DD0EF0.
Use the one below with a WHITE background.

For Above 3 tags, All artwork © 2008 Ty Wilson


Many thanks to Mr. Wilson for granting me permission to use his work.



Most of these will work better on a WHITE background


Just for FUN!


And...this next one has a silly PS. sign to match....just for a little extra fun.


For you who like to just send the single word "Okay", to quickly answer an email:



And here's a special

to all of you who have written me saying you enjoy my site!



GRAY background**************RED background

Here's a couple patriotic ones until I get more...then they'll have their own page.

(More Coming Later)






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