Outlook Express Stationery

These designs are inspired by the love of vacation and traveling.
You'll find that
some, are created using actual original photos that I've taken,
some are simply created from my imagination.
I do hope you'll find something here of interest to you, and surely....I hope you enjoy
traveling around to these different places with me....
....even if only in our
*****ONLY IMAGINE!*****

These 'Outlook Express' stationery designs are free for download.
Click on the thumbnails below to view full-sized preview.
Some of these are animated and some have large sound files, and will take a little longer to open and download.
Thank you for waiting.

(This is gonna be fun!)


"Star Clipper *Breakfast View*"
This was not a bad view to be enjoying at our breakfast table!


(this one may take a little longer to download)


"Sail Away"
(this one may take a little longer to download)


"Come Fly With Me!"


"Vacation Time"
(this one may take a little longer to download)

Since I found out that my stationery designs with 'tables' have had problems working correctly with email,
I'm in the process of re-doing them.

If you have downloaded
"Vacation Time"
prior to 9-26-07
you may want to re-download it.

SO sorry for any inconvenience.



Please....do not place any of my work on your web pages without
written consent....then....only with proper credit to my site, and
a link back to here. Thank you.

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